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Auto Insurance

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Every car (personal or commercial) should be covered so that you can drive worry free of bad weather or others on the road.

Like most states, the state of West Virginia requires that all vehicles licensed for road use be covered. They require them to have a minimum liability and uninsured motorist insurance policy. Many people do not understand the coverages in an automobile insurance policy and simply request the cheapest insurance they can buy. This could cost you down the road, and this is what we are here to protect you from.

What should you know about your auto insurance policy then?

An auto insurance policy contains liability and physical damage coverages. It can be difficult to discern what coverages and amounts you need on your own if you don’t know the industry lingo. That’s ok though. Don’t fret over the details if you don’t have to. That is what we are for.

At Kluemper Insurance Agency, Ted or Kim will review all coverages available to you and tailor a policy for your specific needs.

We will look at what can save you money and still cover you in any situation that we (or you) may feel you need coverage for.


What can get me discounts with my car insurance?

There are a number of things that we will review to see if you qualify for an additional discount.

Here are just a couple of the things we check:

  1. Multiple policies
  2. Multi-vehicle
  3. Anti-theft devices
  4. Anti-lock breaks
  5. Passive restraints (such as air bags)
  6. Driving during the day time or at night
  7. Age of vehicle
  8. Hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle
  9. Clean driving record
  10. Low mileage
  11. Military

And more…

 Umbrella Policy

The umbrella policy provides an extra layer of liability protection over and above your automobile and homeowner liability policies. Its purpose is to protect your assets from catastrophic claims. Ted & Kim highly recommend this extra liability protection.


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